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SNY Relocation System Inc. is committed to getting the job done and you can always count on us to be professional, timely, efficient, and make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way. Here is a list of professional services that we offer:

Long Distance Moves (domestic/residential)

We can help you move states anywhere within the United States (even Hawaii). Whether it’s a small apartment or a private house - we will make sure your move is on schedule. We are cost-effective, efficient, and professional. We specialize in long distance moves and offer a full door-to-door service for all your moving needs.

On the day of the move: our team will disassemble and wrap all your furniture with blankets, load all your belongings on the truck, and transport it to the destination/storage. Upon delivery: our team will unload, assemble, and place your items room by room.

Our full service package includes full transportation (fuel, millage, taxes tolls, and basic coverage insurance).

International Moves

Moving to a new country? Not a problem, SNY Relocation has got you covered and we will help you through every step of the way during your move to a new country. We provide you with a personalized moving plan and assist with the regulations, requirements, and customs for international moves.

Our team of moving experts will be in charge of your entire move, so you can handle the rest of your relocation without any concerns. Our full-service package includes disassembly/assembly of furniture, moving pads wrapping service, 30-days of free storage, full transportation (fuel, millage, taxes and tolls), and full loading and unloading.

Commerical Moves

While moving a business may sound complicated, we make it simple and easy for you. No move is too big for us - we can handle any logistic need or challenge. We will take care of disassembly/assembly of furniture, moving pads wrapping service, full transportation (fuel, millage, taxes tolls), and full loading and unloading.

We promise to be timely, cost-efficient and professional - all while transporting all your items to your desired new location. You can have the peace of mind you deserve, knowing you chose SNY Relocation.

We offer special packing services for office moves and other businesses – adding a professional packing service to your move can save time and simplify the move (scroll down for Professional Packing Service section).

Local Moves

SNY Relocation System Inc. makes local moves an easy and nice experience. We offer a full door-to-door service, professional packing services, full transportation, loading and unloading, and insurance.

We also offer storage services in one of storage facilities in California. If you are moving locally (100 miles from point-to-point), please call us today and get a quote for your local move.

Residential Moves

With our Residential Moving service we promise to help you and make sure that you are stress-free along the process.

We can help you move to a new state and even new countries!

Military Moves

We thank each and every single person serving this beautiful country. At SNY Relocation, we promise to handle all of your Military Moves with care and professionalism. Whatever it is that you need to get moved, our top-notch service will surely get it done.

We are very experienced with military regulations and standards. Your agent will walk you through every step of your military move. Our team will be in charge of providing you with a weight ticket from a licensed scale station - signed by a federal officer to meet the military relocation requirements.

Professional Packing Service

You can have us pack specific items – whether it is a China doll or a pool table. Our team will wrap, protect and pack your most delicate items to make sure they arrive safe and sound. You can also have a specific room or area in the house packed – like the kitchen, living room, a shed, an outdoor storage, or a library of old precious books.

And you can always take the Full Packing Service. If you add a Full Packing Service to your package, you could literally "leave your house as it is." Our team will pack your whole house from clothing to dishes. We pack and protect fragile items with special packing materials and advanced techniques – we use telescopic boxes for wardrobe and odd-shape items. We can protect any item to travel safely on a moving truck. All delicate items are packed with several layers of protection. We will organize and pack all your personal goods into wrapped cardboard boxes, and protect your furniture with protection pads, bubble wrap, and shrink wrap.

*Packing services are an additional charge, you can also ask your agent about unpacking.

Auto Transport

SNY Relocation can transport your vehicle to anywhere in the world; whether you are moving to a new state or to a new country, we can have your car wait for you at your new home.

After booking your move with us, you can simply ask your agent to schedule a car transport for you. Your car will be shipped with a special vehicle-transport-truck licensed for auto-transport.


If you are looking for a place to store your valuables, look no further! SNY Relocation offers the highest quality storage service - keeping your valuables safe and sound.

Our facilities are not public storages but a privately owned secured and insured storage facilities which are climate controlled and CCTV recorded. We store our customer's belongings with respect and keep our facilities clean and organized.

Our service for long distance moves includes 30-days of FREE storage.

Special Requests?

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